The Qualities To Look For In A Christian University

Interested in attending a Christian university? You may be wondering what it is that separates one Christian university from another. Here are some qualities to look for in the Christian university you choose to attend.

Christian Service:

Going to college is about more than just learning stuff from a book. It’s about real-world experiences too! It’s important to learn to give back and serve others. For that reason, it’s important to find a university that places a strong emphasis on Christian/Community service. Look for a school that dedicates itself to helping out in local neighborhoods, communities, and hospitals, and you will be sure to fulfill your need to help others.

Student Leadership:

Why choose a Christian university with a strong student leadership? Because a united team of student leaders will create an all-around fantastic student life experience for you. Whether you are on-campus or off, you can count on strong student leaders to pray for you when you are in need and even when things are going great.

Department of Ministry Teams:

If you are passionate about your faith, then it’s essential that your Christian university has a good department of ministry teams that are excited about sharing the word of God and will support you in your faith. You may not always jive with one particular team or another, so it’s important that your school has a variety of different types of ministry teams to choose from, such as music, outreach, etc.

Global Ministries:

Whether you want to reach the world for Christ through a short-term mission trip or as a long-term missionary, a commitment to global ministries is an important part of any Christian focused university. Look for a school that devotes itself to preparing students to be fully equipped and thoroughly trained for the challenges that will face them overseas – this may include intercultural studies and classes, trip resources, and/or staff.

Online Ministries:

Many Christian focused universities now offer access to their ministries online, with audio and videos available for download as a quick way to get the spiritual guidance you need at the moment. If you are more comfortable with online bible studies or submitting a prayer request via email, you should definitely look for a Christian university with some type of online ministries.

In short, if you’re interested in attending a Christian university, the most qualities to look for are those you most want to associate with. Make sure to look deep inside yourself and question, “what is it I value? What do I want to pursue?” And those are the qualities you should definitely look for most in a Christian university.

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