We all know how much children love their toys. But all play and no work is not a very good deal for a growing youth. As a parent, you are also responsible for the educational growth of your child. Oftentimes, schools and books can be very tedious and boring for children. This lack of engagement turns them away from education. However, by combining educational mediums into toys, you can use educational toys for 3 year olds to get the best of both worlds.

Why are educational toys so effective?

There are many reasons for the success of educational toys for 3 year old. Some of these include:

1.       Motor Skills: Educational toys such as color and alphabet blocks help children develop motor skills. Learning how to manipulate the toys in order to play with them allows children to learn to move them in precise ways. This can help them in training their fine motor skills in their hands, and improve hand-eye coordination.

2.       Boosts IQ: Puzzles and shape blocks are a great way to challenge your child’s cognitive skills. Educational toys online are made to train the child’s memory skills, coordination, and literacy. Such toys teach them about alphabets, numbers, words, and mathematical operations, along with general knowledge facts that can help them out.

3.       Social Interactions: By playing with their toys and having role-play scenarios you can improve a child’s sociability. Educational toys encourage children to engage with them in communication. This develops the emotional intelligence of children by forming bonds with their toys and feeling a sense of companionship and attachment towards them. Teaching children how to treat others properly through toys is also a great method.

4.       Imagination: Children often get lost in their own worlds. Educational toys for 3 year old boy or girl tap into this same creativity. By encouraging children to think up hypothetical scenarios, they learn about storytelling and imagination from a very young age. This helps them in their future years by instilling a sense of useful creativity in them.

Best Toys:

There are many kinds of kids’ educational toys online that you can purchase. Some of the best ones among them are:

●      Blocks: Playing blocks come in many different kinds of designs. They are made with a variety of numbers, letters, or colors. These blocks can be used for stacking and building, and the alphanumeric inscriptions on them can help build the child’s identification of basic numbers and words.

●      Shape Blocks: Blocks that are in different shapes and can be put together are a great way for children to be creative and to learn the various kinds of shapes there are.

●      Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles can come in a variety of attractive shapes, colors, and patterns. Learning to build a jigsaw often challenges image recognition skills in children and stimulates their intelligence to find patterns or combinations to put the puzzle together.

There are many educational toys for 3-year old that you can look to purchase to give your child a great time of fun and learning. 

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