The Educational Computer Games – An Effective Learning Tool

The Educational Computer Games - An Effective Learning Tool

It is vital that parents be very creative in finding means to aid the child’s learning process. While a person is still young, he is very attentive in many things and is able to take in a lot of knowledge. This is the right stage that parents be very persuasive in imparting knowledge to their child.

Although a child can easily store a lot of knowledge in their mind, teaching them is not as easy as it seems. It is hard to catch a child’s attention because of the presence of many interesting things around and they can easily get bored when doing the same routine for a long time. There should be creative ways to hold the child’s attention when learning.

Playing while learning is a great technique to keep the child’s attention. Computer games have been used to give kids fun in playing and at the same time be an effective learning tool. There are many studies that show desirable effects to a child when playing computer games. Outstanding academic improvement has been seen in a child who is playing computer games.

A lot of computer games that are designed for kids can be bought and can even be played free on the internet. But because of the wide range of themes and topics that anyone can access on the internet, it is essential that parents be very attentive to their child when using the computer.

They might be able to download or access inappropriate software for their age which can possibly cause adverse influence on them. Parents must also be very careful in choosing games. A type of game which demonstrates violence must be avoided.

Fun games that can enhance a child’s learning aptitude are the ideal game. There are a variety of learning games that teach various essential topics such as maths, science, and history. The most fun and educational games are designed to catch the child’s attention and to provide knowledge.

Many parents are hesitant to give their child access to computer games because of the thought that a child can be addicted to them and can cause harmful effects. However, with the right choice of game and with proper guidance, using computer games can be a significant tool to aid in the child’s learning process.

Advantages Of An Online Computer Science Degree

Advantages Of An Online Computer Science Degree

A degree in computer science can be earned in two ways. First is the traditional way and the second is the information technology way. There are a number of universities using information technology in teaching students different courses such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Medical, Accounts, Commerce, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Ph.D.

These universities differ from their traditional counterparts in their fees structure, college courses offered the method of teaching and stipulated time period for pursuing a college course. Today science students prefer to earn online computer science degrees from accredited schools. It makes them eligible for global jobs such as Software Engineer.

The contrast between a traditional and an online computer science degree

It is mandatory for a student to attend classes for four years to study science courses. You can earn an online computer science degree in less than four years. Internet universities do not stipulate a fix time frame for pursuing college courses.

In a traditional university, students have to present physically to attend classes, practical and science seminars. Internet universities use information technology for teaching students. Science classes are organized on the internet and the method used for teaching is chatting.

Students can ask the question to professors by using chatting software. They can also attend practical and science seminars online. You can attend classes, practical and seminars during the weekend, night or whenever you feel free.

The fees structure of an online university differs very much from a traditional university. Colleges running on the internet do not maintain huge staff for teaching students. They do not invest much money hence they offer cost-effective college courses to students.

Professors can easily teach students using the internet. Internet libraries have e-books, which are easy to maintain. Students can read e-books on their personal computer. On the other hand, traditional universities have to maintain a huge staff for assisting professors and arrange books in the library.

A traditional college enrolls students only when a semester ends. Students must have a sound academic background with good GPA to become a scientist. Enrollment in an online university is a continuing process. You can fill the admission form anytime in a year.

Advantages of an online computer science degree:

Working people can pursue computer science courses easily from internet universities without taking long leaves from office.

Physically challenged students need not get confused for commuting long distances by enrolling in an internet university. They can become a scientist with the comfort of their home by earning an online computer science degree.

The cost-effective fees structure on internet universities helps financially weak students to earn online computer science degrees. Internet universities also give you the full day to work for improving your financial position.

The increasing popularity of internet education has inspired me to write more on this subject.

The Ingredients Of Great Educational Computer Games

The Ingredients Of Great Educational Computer Games

It is extremely frustrating to watch our children struggle with their studies. We are constantly trying to help them understand concepts and vocabulary, yet there is only so much that we can do.

Luckily, free online games are now hitting the education market. With free educational games, it is easy to get your child to not only understand the concepts that they need but to also embrace the fun that comes along with learning.

The most important thing that an educational computer game should emphasize is confidence. Children need to feel like they are accomplishing something!

Therefore, by complimenting them when they get an answer right, you are motivating them to continue working hard. Reinforcement is key if you want your child to stay on track. After all, how is a child supposed to feel good about their success if it is never recognized or applauded?

Secondly, the educational game should be challenging. It needs to be full of different levels from easy to difficult. Therefore, a student who has already tackled a specific topic can easily move onto the next one. The last thing you want to do is stop the learning process.

This will visually show the player that they are not only improving, but also staying right on track. By comprehending harder concepts and situations, it will make them feel good that they are actually learning.

Although the above factors are very important, the educational game should also be visually enticing. For instance, if your child is in preschool, finding a game with a school atmosphere may be great. There are many free online games that incorporate a preschool setting.

This may make your child feel more comfortable and allow them to raise their hand in a realistic situation as well. However, fantasy type games may actually be more exciting for students who crave something other than the normal teaching style. There are many educational games which integrate mystical adventures.

If you are trying to make your child a better student overall, perhaps finding a game that is full of skill would help. There are hundreds of free online games on the internet, but a specific one that usually helps children with their logic is backgammon.

This popular game has been around for centuries and has always helped people with problem-solving. Although it somewhat has to do with luck, skill is also required. For that reason, finding a game like backgammon may actually improve your child’s overall skill.

No matter what educational game you choose, you must find one that will inspire your child to learn. It is essential that a great learning game consists of motivation, skill, and challenging levels. Without these factors, your child will simply just be playing a regular video game.

Even though there is nothing wrong with that, the main concern is that you are helping your child with their struggles. Fortunately, no matter how tight your budget is, there will always be free online games. These will provide you with the tools you need for your child to succeed.

The Lowdown On Getting Your Accredited Degree At Kaplan Online University

The Lowdown On Getting Your Accredited Degree At Kaplan Online University

The first thing you’ll note when you access the website for Kaplan University Online Educational program is the well laid out website. The immediate impression is favorable, but the reality is so much more than that.

You are given the opportunity to tour the “campus” or see the methods which are used for teaching, just as you might if you were to tour any normal university that you were considering joining. The online university at Kaplan is simply an excellent experience in both learning and interaction.

Connected in Business:

One of the most prestigious of the online colleges, Kaplan University has been around nearly since the beginning. Kaplan University was formed in 1937. Interestingly enough it is part of the family of companies and holdings of the Washington Post and comprises the fastest growing part of that company.

Quite literally, the levels of education and the courses of study that Kaplan Online University offers are too numerous to mention in our small amount of space. Kaplan University offers diploma, or certificate programs as well as degree programs that are well received in the working world, with many of their graduates having offers of employment prior to graduation.

What is Kaplan’s Reputation Like?

Kaplan is well known as a top range university around the country. Among those programs which are the most popular for students in attendance at Kaplan Online University Educational programs are:

Certificate Programs:

Corrections Certificate
Crime Scene Technician Certificate
Information Technology Certificate
Internet and Website Development Certificate
Introduction to Computer Programming Language Certificate
Legal Secretary Certificate

Associate Degree Programs:

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting
Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration
Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science
Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology
Associate of Applied Science in Human Services
Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

Bachelor Degree Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and Management
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management
Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management
Bachelor of Science in Fire Science
Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Master Degrees:

Master of Business Administration
Master of Health Care Administration
NEW Master of Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Master of Science in Accounting
Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Your experience at Kaplan is designed to see you well prepared for the working world, and well prepared to meet your personal goals for your life and your occupation. Kaplan takes great pride in the quality of education that they offer, making it their mission to provide innovative new ways to help you to grow personally and educationally.

Kaplan is well-rounded, offering you the education in nearly any course of study that you might desire, and well-known for their great quality of education. Their affiliation with larger businesses is helpful and their rate of placement for Kaplan graduates is nothing short of impressive.

Gaining a new level of education, changing your career, starting an entirely new career – whatever your goals, Kaplan University online can help you to achieve them; all that’s required once enrolled is motivation on your part to complete the course!

Isn’t it time to take another look at what a little more education could do you for you? Kaplan Online University may be the answer to those questions you have about where you’re going from here.

E-Learning – Technology Blended With Education

E-Learning - Technology Blended With Education

In today’s fast-paced world when the time is becoming a critical factor, the pattern of learning is also undergoing a major transformation. Populace wants and needs to learn according to their schedule, anytime, anywhere, so learning must be available on a 24×7 clock, with just-in-time delivery to the office, home, and holiday spots.

In this context information technology has emerged as a revolutionary vehicle, giving rise to the inventive mode of learning, eLearning. Any learning that utilizes a network (LAN, WAN or Internet) for delivery, interaction, or facilitation and the medium of instruction in the computer is eLearning or Electronic Learning.

E-Learning is an umbrella term that includes distributed learning, online education:

Computer Based Training (CBT) delivered over a network, and Web-Based Training (WBT). As eLearning is self-paced, hands-on learning, it endows with the very rich learning experience that can even surpass the level of education one might experience in a crowded classroom. It can be synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination of both.

Coupled with the communicative powers of technology, today eLearning has influenced different facets of education & training. It is now used, as an option by companies for training, disseminating information and other information management needs for their employees. By using this mode of instruction, companies can save millions of dollars in education and training their employees.

Although used for various purposes, eLearning is one of the most promising innovations to improve classroom teaching and learning after school hours. ELearning permits teachers to develop study materials using the worldwide resources of the Web and communicate information in a more engaging fashion.

Availability of wide range of texts, diagrams, and images with video and sound, including virtual reality technology makes teaching an interesting and effective process that holds the interest of students in the classroom.

As learning is a continuous, cultural process, so access and opportunities to learn should be available to students in real time after the school hours. eLearning fosters self-paced learning whereby students can access the study support round the clock at their pace and convenience.

A real-time study support to students through subject experts via Virtual Classes further solve the queries of students and make them more proficient in the subject. It is highly appreciated by the teachers and students for its economic value as it eliminates the travel time and costs without compromising the quality and requirements.

Amidst all such benefits:

E-Learning has a major pitfall, viz. lack of face-to-face interaction between the students and the professor. But the quality education at economic cost available as per the convenience and flexibility of learners conceal the snag in eLearning and makes it a foremost choice of today’s knowledge-driven generation.

The Child Support And Private Educational Costs

The Child Support And Private Educational Costs

In today’s world, parents often begin planning for a child’s education far in advance. Most Los Angeles County residents are not satisfied with their neighborhood public school.

Instead, they search for designer private schools in order to provide their children with the best possible educational foundation money can buy. If their children are lucky enough to be accepted into these prestigious programs, parents are then faced with the staggering tuition costs associated with these institutions.

This focus on education does not dissipate simply because a marriage ends. The need for a quality education remains a priority. Unfortunately, the costs of divorce and the death of the community income may cause some parents to question the practicality of exorbitant tuition costs.

In families where one party generates the majority of the income, this analysis becomes even more complicated. If you are the high earner, does California law require you to cover some of (or all of) the costs of private school tuition? If you are the low earner or non-earner, does California law allow you to rely on the other party’s higher income to support the costs of private school tuition?

And even in situations where each party’s income is relatively similar, does California law impose some kind of equal division of such costs?

Private education as a discretionary “add-on”

The California Family Code sets forth a mandatory formula for child support that theoretically takes into account each parent’s “circumstances and station in life” and “ability to pay” child support.

This formula, however, does not include “special” and unique child-care expenses a particular family may encounter. In order to provide for these additional expenses, the Family Code has created two types of child support “add-ons”–one entitled “mandatory” and one entitled “discretionary.”

Educational costs for a child are deemed discretionary rather than mandatory

This means that a particular judge has the discretion, or the freedom of choice, to determine whether or not she considers the proposed cost to be appropriate as an additional expense to a parent. This requires a party’s counsel to make a convincing argument that the private school tuition should, or should not, be paid.

A legal argument for or against such an add-on should address several issues, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Specific Needs of the Child:

Does the child have a special physical or mental disability that is most appropriately addressed at a private institution? If a child has documented and undisputed special needs, a court is very likely to order that they are met.

2. Length of Attendance:

How long has the child been attending the school? A court is more likely to order that private school tuition continue if the child has been there for several years and is at a critical stage of development in which removal from the school would be against his or her best interests.

3. Alternatives:

Where would the child attend school if he or she did not attend the private institution? What is the reputation of the local public school? Is the neighborhood in which the public school is located safe?

4. Ability to Pay:

What is the financial situation of the parties?

Can each parent, or one high-earning parent,

pay the tuition and still continue to pay for mandated child support and other expenses he or she may have?

This factor must always be taken into consideration, regardless of how compelling any other factors may seem. This is because, as a practical matter, many families cannot afford to maintain the lifestyle they lived during the marriage. As a result, nonessential expenses, like private education, must be eliminated.

Allocation of private educational costs:

If your counsel is successful in persuading the court to order an add-on for private educational expenses, then the court must also determine how that add-on will be allocated between the parents. If no specific allocation is requested in one’s moving papers to the court, the tuition will likely be divided “one-half to each parent.” If you believe an alternative allocation is merited, documentation should be presented to corroborate such a belief.

One common alternative to the equal division of such add-on expenses is an allocation corresponding to each party’s respective income. In this calculation, the court looks to the net disposable incomes of each party, after they are adjusted by counsel to include any spousal support and mandated child support that has already been ordered paid.

The court then examines these adjusted incomes and determines what portion of the add-on would be appropriate for the higher earner to provide. One must exercise caution in advocating this alternative allocation to the court, since a judge may order the standard equal allocation of the add-on if the adjusted net disposable incomes of the parties fail to show a true disparity between the two incomes.

University Books – Valuable Resources Not To Be Wasted

University Books - Valuable Resources Not To Be Wasted

University books are very expensive and if reused wisely can save a lot of money and resources. One can sell used books online or to university bookstores. Renting university textbooks is another cost-effective option.

Unlike school books, university books are more expensive and can easily cost even $1000 per year. Compared to high school, a student at the university level uses more books and will have a lot more assignments and coursework for which the student is required to refer a lot of books.

Most of the material and content available in university books are more specialized in nature. Due to these reasons, the cost of university level books is more expensive. However, there are some websites that are a one-stop shop for all kinds of course books including used books which are available at reduced prices.

If you are in dire need of money, you can even sell your used university books online. There are websites that are an excellent portal to facilitate such buying and selling. This not only helps you make some money but is also of use to other students who cannot afford to buy new expensive books.

Most of these portals do not charge any kind of registration fees and you can post your university books online for free. The prices of books can also be negotiated by the parties concerned. Books are usually listed university wise or alphabetically department or course wise. This makes it easier for the buyer to search for the books wanted by him.

Books are a reusable resource. So, selling used university books not only helps other students save money but also helps in conserving the environment and its resources. Reduce, reuse and recycle has become the order of the day and if each one of us contributed towards this endeavor.

Then there would be enough and more natural resources for our successors to enjoy and cherish. Some university bookstores also buy back old used books. For some university books, you get back a good resale value while others may fetch you a minimal amount.

If you are looking for specific books, online library resources are the most useful. They give you links to the most sought-after books and even give the synopsis of the author and publications. Textbook rentals are also a cost-effective option these days to buying university books.

With the rising cost of tuition fees in universities and colleges and the equally rising prices of books, it makes sense to rent a particular textbook for a given semester. There are many online sites that offer such valuable services. This definitely does save a lot of money and also time. Make use of all these valuable tips and help save valuable resources.

Eye Exercises For Computer Users – How To Relieve Eye Strain

Eye Exercises For Computer Users - How To Relieve Eye Strain


It is an essential need that helps us to achieve a better life. It is vital to our success. The degrees and the important academic qualifications advance our careers and boost our earning power. We gain employment skills and increase our productivity in the workplace.

An academic education is certainly important but of equal importance is an education that teaches us how to protect and preserve our precious natural eyesight. Hours spent studying textbooks and prolonged hours spent glued to the computer screen can take a toll on our eyes. Our eyes become tired, stressed and overworked. For this reason, it is vital that we replace bad visual habits with good ones.

Here are some effective eye exercise techniques for computer users:

Practice gazing on a regular basis. Focusing on distant objects 20 feet away is the natural state of the eyes. This relaxes the focusing muscles.

Our ancestors led a lifestyle that was agriculturally based. They were hunters and gatherers. Incidents of vision problems were extremely rare in their era. This was long before the advent of technology. Their lifestyles predisposed them to gaze in the distance often.

Technology is now a dominant feature of our modern day lives. Incidents of vision problems are increasing. Nevertheless, we need to apply practical natural techniques that help to support our eye health. While at the computer practice shifting your focus without moving your head, from the computer to a distant object about 20 feet away every 10 minutes.

Simply roll your eyes without moving your head, first in a clockwise direction, then in a counter-clockwise direction for 30 seconds to a minute. Take periodic breaks. Look up from your close up work. These techniques relieve eye strain and tension.


This is a great exercise that relieves tired and strained eyes. It also soothes the mind. Forget about the worries of the day, clearing your mind of negative thoughts. Inhale and exhale gently throughout this practice session. Cup your palms so that they cover your eyes blocking out the light.

Make sure that each finger of both hands overlap so that they are comfortably resting on your forehead. Avoid touching your eyelids with your palms. Allow enough space for your nose to breathe. As you perform this technique imagine that you are gazing into the distant night. Perform this technique 2-3 times a day for 2 minutes.

Special reading to relieve eye strain-When we read we always focus on the words we are reading. However, we never look at the spaces between the letters we are reading. Perform both activities simultaneously. This is beneficial as it simulates a stress relieving effect on the eyes. With practice, this technique can be perfected.

Never use a computer in dim light. This causes eye strain. Special stress relieving glasses are also helpful in relieving eye strain.

Maximize your potential. Pursue a quality education. Enjoy all of the pleasures and conveniences of technology without sacrificing your precious eyesight. The great news is that eye exercises can help you accomplish all of these things. Because when you get the best out of your eye health you automatically get the best out of life.

The Importance of Early Childhood Care And Education

The Importance of Early Childhood Care And Education

According to developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, he suggests that the logic of children is completely different from that of adults. He believed that children move through four stages of development between infancy and adolescence.

The four stages incorporated in his theory are sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operation stage and the formal operation stage. The domains associated with these stages are the child’s physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotions which influence the way the child thinks and talks.

Early childhood care and education were introduced to help parents better understand their children’s developmental skills; by this, we mean their motor and cognitive skills coherently. The programme aims at exploring the child’s learning and developmental capabilities, as well as it builds a stronger foundation of the skills that they possess.

This programme is vital as it allows the child to build and form new relationships with their peers and family members rather than be quiet and shy. Secondly, exposing the child to various stimulants encourages them to ask more questions for a better understanding of how the world works.

Apart from that, it is important for the child to be able to differentiate what is right and wrong, as these days there are increasing events of children being abused and neglected by adults. In most of these cases, the child is unable to speak up because of fear of their parents and their lack of education. Hence, this will help curb and reduce the incidence of child abuse in the country because the child will have moral and ethical values inculcated.

This level of education has been emphasized by the education authorities in many countries around the globe. Parents should be responsible to enroll the child for early childhood education so that the transition into primary school will be much easier for the child. The child will be able to cope better in school and they will be able to do well in their exams. This, in turn, will improve the socio-economic development of the country.

In a nutshell, early childhood education and care are necessary for the improvement of the child in every way. Apart from the preschool teachers, parents should be involved in their child’s development in order to create a conducive environment for the child and improve the understanding between the parent and child.

The University of Arizona – Where Good Education Meets Fun

The University of Arizona - Where Good Education Meets Fun

Governed by the Arizona Board of Regents, the University of Arizona (often shortened to UA) is a public university located in Tucson, Arizona, United States. The first university in Arizona, UA was founded in 1885 or 27 years before the status of Arizona Territory was changed into a State. According to the U.S. News and World Report, UA is ranked as the 59th best public university in the United States.

Overall, UA has 334 majors and minors which are available for bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees. The center of activity of the UA is located in central Tucson. A complex of educational buildings spread on a land of 380 acres. In this main campus only, the university has 179 buildings, including the Arizona State Museum, Centennial Hall, Libraries, Campuses, and many other students’ activity centers.

UA is one of three medical schools in the State of Arizona which grants MD for the students; all medical school activities are centered at the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine. The university’s Eller College of Management (with its numerous majors such as Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization, and Management Information System) is at the top 25 of the U.S. News and World Report list.

Meanwhile, the Eller MBA program had received fine ranks from numerous associations such as becoming the top 50 in 11 consecutive years from the U.S. News and World Report, 33th on Forbes Magazine list, and 24th from the Wall Street Journal.

In sports, the University of Arizona opens a vast opportunity for students with different talents and skills. The Wildcats (nickname for the university’s athletic teams) receive high budget and have major activities around campus. Sports teams owned by the UA among others are men’s basketball, football.

Baseball, softball, men’s and women’s golf, men’s lacrosse, as well as another team such as swimming and ice hockey. The university’s pair of anthropomorphized wildcat mascots, Wilbur and Wilma will be seen every time you attend the Wildcats’ games.

The UA is recorded to have 44 fraternity and sorority chapters. Since then the number of the chapters expand greatly. There are four councils which administer these chapters; Interfraternity Council regulates 25 fraternities, Panhellenic Association represents 20 sororities, National Pan-Hellenic Council regulates 6 historically African-

American fraternities and sororities, and United Sorority and Fraternity Council represent 10 multicultural and multi-interest Greek organizations. Since 2000, the University of Arizona established an Asian American sorority named Delta Chi Lambda. Besides the fraternities and sororities, the university also has other student clubs which are listed at the Center For Student Involvement and Leadership.