The Lowdown On Getting Your Accredited Degree At Kaplan Online University

The first thing you’ll note when you access the website for Kaplan University Online Educational program is the well laid out website. The immediate impression is favorable, but the reality is so much more than that.

You are given the opportunity to tour the “campus” or see the methods which are used for teaching, just as you might if you were to tour any normal university that you were considering joining. The online university at Kaplan is simply an excellent experience in both learning and interaction.

Connected in Business:

One of the most prestigious of the online colleges, Kaplan University has been around nearly since the beginning. Kaplan University was formed in 1937. Interestingly enough it is part of the family of companies and holdings of the Washington Post and comprises the fastest growing part of that company.

Quite literally, the levels of education and the courses of study that Kaplan Online University offers are too numerous to mention in our small amount of space. Kaplan University offers diploma, or certificate programs as well as degree programs that are well received in the working world, with many of their graduates having offers of employment prior to graduation.

What is Kaplan’s Reputation Like?

Kaplan is well known as a top range university around the country. Among those programs which are the most popular for students in attendance at Kaplan Online University Educational programs are:

Certificate Programs:

Corrections Certificate
Crime Scene Technician Certificate
Information Technology Certificate
Internet and Website Development Certificate
Introduction to Computer Programming Language Certificate
Legal Secretary Certificate

Associate Degree Programs:

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting
Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration
Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science
Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology
Associate of Applied Science in Human Services
Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

Bachelor Degree Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and Management
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management
Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management
Bachelor of Science in Fire Science
Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Master Degrees:

Master of Business Administration
Master of Health Care Administration
NEW Master of Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Master of Science in Accounting
Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Your experience at Kaplan is designed to see you well prepared for the working world, and well prepared to meet your personal goals for your life and your occupation. Kaplan takes great pride in the quality of education that they offer, making it their mission to provide innovative new ways to help you to grow personally and educationally.

Kaplan is well-rounded, offering you the education in nearly any course of study that you might desire, and well-known for their great quality of education. Their affiliation with larger businesses is helpful and their rate of placement for Kaplan graduates is nothing short of impressive.

Gaining a new level of education, changing your career, starting an entirely new career – whatever your goals, Kaplan University online can help you to achieve them; all that’s required once enrolled is motivation on your part to complete the course!

Isn’t it time to take another look at what a little more education could do you for you? Kaplan Online University may be the answer to those questions you have about where you’re going from here.

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