The College Or University Should Offer More Career Courses

Currently, many recent college graduates are unemployed. Quite a few of graduates contend that there are few jobs comparable to their education. In this respect, I definitely agree with that university should offer its students more career-based courses they will need for specific career and jobs before they start working.

First up, university and college are responsible for setting up career-related courses for its students. For many young students, who exactly know what vocation is appropriate for them, good specific career preparation is their main purpose to attend their desirable university.

Considering those students’ purpose, from the point of view of college and education, something should be done to help them give the best start to their future career. In this case, career courses are indispensable as they are advisable initiatives.

Plus, students would benefit from those courses which show effectiveness. A range of successful career-related courses not only promote student’s valuable employability skills but also enrich their hands-on experience. Here is a good example set by Coventry University.

This university has set up a scheme called Add+ vantage, which includes a range of career-based courses. Some courses help equip the student with valuable employability skills. For instance, the student can take a course in leadership, right through to learning a new language or how to use digital tools, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Besides, there are some other courses involving internships in the real workspace. Coventry University has created links with a range of businesses enabling students to take on work placements and summer internships, part of which involves student being set live briefs which give them real-world experiences before leaving university.

Thus, when the graduates finish their schooling, they will be armed with specific employability skills and real-work experience and the probability that they will be qualified applicants for the job is improved.

Meanwhile, we need to take in to account the fact that graduate unemployment is caused by many reasons. What university can do is limited. But it doesn’t mean that no proper measures should be taken by the university.

Due to the recession, job cuts, lack of employability skills, and lack of experience graduate unemployment have become the norm for many graduates as 1 in 5 graduates are unemployed, according to recent surveys. In other words, employer, student, and university, all of them, should be to blame for graduate unemployment.

Therefore, some of the unemployment problems cannot be solved only by the university, like the recession and job cuts. But some, particularly lack of employability skills and lack of experience, can be released to some degree, if university takes effective measures, like setting up more successful career-related courses.

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