Eye Exercises For Computer Users - How To Relieve Eye Strain


It is an essential need that helps us to achieve a better life. It is vital to our success. The degrees and the important academic qualifications advance our careers and boost our earning power. We gain employment skills and increase our productivity in the workplace.

An academic education is certainly important but of equal importance is an education that teaches us how to protect and preserve our precious natural eyesight. Hours spent studying textbooks and prolonged hours spent glued to the computer screen can take a toll on our eyes. Our eyes become tired, stressed and overworked. For this reason, it is vital that we replace bad visual habits with good ones.

Here are some effective eye exercise techniques for computer users:

Practice gazing on a regular basis. Focusing on distant objects 20 feet away is the natural state of the eyes. This relaxes the focusing muscles.

Our ancestors led a lifestyle that was agriculturally based. They were hunters and gatherers. Incidents of vision problems were extremely rare in their era. This was long before the advent of technology. Their lifestyles predisposed them to gaze in the distance often.

Technology is now a dominant feature of our modern day lives. Incidents of vision problems are increasing. Nevertheless, we need to apply practical natural techniques that help to support our eye health. While at the computer practice shifting your focus without moving your head, from the computer to a distant object about 20 feet away every 10 minutes.

Simply roll your eyes without moving your head, first in a clockwise direction, then in a counter-clockwise direction for 30 seconds to a minute. Take periodic breaks. Look up from your close up work. These techniques relieve eye strain and tension.


This is a great exercise that relieves tired and strained eyes. It also soothes the mind. Forget about the worries of the day, clearing your mind of negative thoughts. Inhale and exhale gently throughout this practice session. Cup your palms so that they cover your eyes blocking out the light.

Make sure that each finger of both hands overlap so that they are comfortably resting on your forehead. Avoid touching your eyelids with your palms. Allow enough space for your nose to breathe. As you perform this technique imagine that you are gazing into the distant night. Perform this technique 2-3 times a day for 2 minutes.

Special reading to relieve eye strain-When we read we always focus on the words we are reading. However, we never look at the spaces between the letters we are reading. Perform both activities simultaneously. This is beneficial as it simulates a stress relieving effect on the eyes. With practice, this technique can be perfected.

Never use a computer in dim light. This causes eye strain. Special stress relieving glasses are also helpful in relieving eye strain.

Maximize your potential. Pursue a quality education. Enjoy all of the pleasures and conveniences of technology without sacrificing your precious eyesight. The great news is that eye exercises can help you accomplish all of these things. Because when you get the best out of your eye health you automatically get the best out of life.

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