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Tutoring Through The High School?

It is not uncommon for some students to struggle with certain subjects. Especially if they are taking a challenging curriculum. Some students strong in math or science may have some challenges with certain literature or writing papers. Other students, strong in language arts, might need a little tutoring in Trigonometry or Chemistry.

There may the option of receiving tutoring from fellow classmates. When this isn’t an option or isn’t desirable, high school guidance counselors often can recommend local adults who can provide tutoring services. Fees range by locale but this might be in the $20-50 per hour rate. Often,

This tutoring can help your son or daughter improve their performance. As another option, there are private companies which can provide this service. Generally, this service is more expensive than local, part-time tutors through high school.

Leverage The High School Advising Area:

I think it’s useful to work with your advisor to help guide you through the process but it’s important for parents to stay involved too. Especially if the parents don’t feel the advisor is doing the kind of work they’d like, parents need to stay involved.

Apply Early– The Summer Of Your Senior Year:

Start applying for colleges early. When the applications become available in August or September, submit your application shortly thereafter. For example, Indiana University had their application available in early August. Obviously, focus on all your targeted schools that provide early applications and get as many of them done as soon as you can.

If you plan well, you could be done by mid-October. Sometimes, later in the fall, you may have overlooked a school or decided to apply to one more school. If so, by being organized, you’re in a much better position to be flexible and spontaneous if necessary.

The fun part. You receive acceptance letters (if appropriate). Most of the heavy lifting is done with the college application process – now you need to think, reflect and maybe strategize.

IMPORTANT One more thing, the summer before the start of your senior year, work on your resume and essays. That way, this work will help you during the application process. Because you’ll be in the midst of your senior year when you apply to certain schools, having a few essays already done will position you in the much favorable light.

Especially in situations where you may have to write another essay or two. Having something available in a pinch can help reduce how much time you need to spend during busy times of your senior year.

Second Round Of College Visits:

Accepted at 4, you may visit 2 colleges. It really depends on your financial aid and the actual fit at the university. The student may want to spend the night in the dorms to get a real feel for what that campus is all about.

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