There are certain things that every writer tends to do. A profession so obscure that so few people succeed and master it – writing is synonymous with creativity and passion. However, far from every writer can enable those traits to produce valuable content. In this article we will display a few mistakes that every writer tends to make.

Not being able to move on with the time

Writers fall out of fashion and success very quickly. Those who were one day considered to be the GOAT of literature can not even figure in the top 100 the next. This happened to a lot of authors who did not adapt to the digital age. Their black on white paper products are not necessarily bad but the placement and adaptability leaves much to be desired.

Ignoring online and social media

Most successful writers are introverts or maybe borderline introverts. However, at this day and age you simply cannot cope and manage your success without being on social media and online. Start a blog, share your thoughts, tweet etc. You have to be active for people to remain interested in you. For blog posts consider using a plagiarism finder. Plagiarism findersare specific software and tools designed to help you publish and produce unique content. Since there is so much content online, some things are bound to be similar or even copied. Writers now can stop asking the question of ‘how to find plagiarism in my papers?’ and simply find it online.

Quantity over quality

Every piece a writer publishes should not be as long as he or she could have written it, but as good and as polished as they could have made it.

Essay plagiarism checker can help you to make your content unique and more valuable.

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